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What we believe shapes our life. What we believe about food and nutrition shapes our bodies. What we believe about nutrition, toxins and disease determines our lifespan and level of health.


Everybody watches TV, listens to Radio and reads Internet News to learn what to do to stay healthy.


Well, You will be shocked to know that lots and lots of those healthy things we are told to do are totally wrong.  All is exposed in the Top Secret Report:A Guide to Surviving Modern Life


Most of them do more damage to our already fragile health and fitness.


Why is there an epidemic of almost every horrible devastating disease known to man?  Find out in the Top Secret Report:A Guide to Surviving Modern Life


Today, why are our children now coming down with diseases that used to be only found in the very oldest and very sickest of our population?


Everywhere you look 60% of our people are overweight. When I was a kid I knew of only one adult who was grossly overweight. There was only one fat kid in our whole school.


Today everybody knows at least ten people who tip the scales at over 300 pounds. Every school has fat kids everywhere--sometimes half the kids are overweight.


At school and work people are out sick much more often than ever before. It is next to impossible to find someone who has a perfect attendance record at any school or workplace.


Kids today are too tired to go out and play.  What happened to  all the energy kids are supposed to have?


What is making us sick and tired?  I tell you everything in your copy of the Top Secret Report


If something is a known poison or toxin it kills people fast and we avoid it and keep it out of what we eat, drink, breathe or put on our skin.


A chronic toxin does not kill immediately it takes weeks or months or years of consumption to affect health and that toxin with others already present can lead to many tragic disease conditions that kill millions each year!


What is the top secret chronic toxin that millions of people consume in large quantities daily? 


Your Top Secret Report:A Guide to Surviving Modern Life will give you the ammunition to fight what is destroying our modern health.  It doesn't take money, drugs, or undiscovered science to survive today with great health. 


It only takes knowledge--the knowledge of how to do things in a certain way that will keep you thin and fit, full of vigor, smart, and young well into a lifespan past the age your grandparents or great-grandparents reached.


The Secrets this Top Secret Report exposes will amaze you.  I only hope the people who keep this info secret from you are not doing so in order to make money from you. 


I sincerely hope they are just deluded and uninformed. 


Whoever would purposely hide these truths would have the blood of millions of people on their hands by not telling everyone the real truth. 


I just don't want to believe that someone could be that cruel, and coldhearted in this world.


I have researched what scientists have studied for decades.  I don't have to wait for medical schools to teach it to the next generations of doctors.  I will tell you everything right now in the Top Secret Report: A Guide to Surviving Modern Life .


Medical schools are teaching many of the things found in your Top Secret Report but it won't make it to your doctor's office for another ten years.


I won't make you wait.


A medical student will pay hundreds of thousands to learn how the body works and about all the high tech techniques, procedures, machinery, drugs and all that a modern doctor must know.  But this information may not be included!


Now you can vastly improve your health outlook just by knowing what myths to kick to the curb and remove from your life.


What allows disease into your life?


What common foods will kill you?


What sugars cause horrible diseases and damage your organs?


What sugars are actually good for you and cannot possibly make you gain weight?


What recently discovered sugars can actually make your body trim down and get more fit?


How safe is using a microwave in your kitchen?  What are the recently discovered health effects from microwaving foods?


What is the truth about vitamin and mineral supplements?  What are they made from?  Are they helpful?  Are they healthy for us?  Which supplements are documented to sometimes actually kill according to JAMA?


What fat do you definitely want more of?  If you don't get enough of this fat your cells will be weak and misshapen and prone to rupturing.  (No i am not talking about Omega 3 fat but that is also a good one you need more of, too.)


What healthy oil has been demonized by the media but is so important to your health that you should eat as much of it as you can get?


What part of staying healthy do most doctors feel inadequate telling you about it?  They want to know more but medical schools purposely neglect this knowledge in training doctors.


What is totally wrong with what we are presently told about the bad cholesterol? 


What are government food guidelines totally missing out on?


How are food companies getting around the regulations and putting unhealthy, even toxic ingredients into what may you eat every day?


What is totally wrong with what we are presently told about all cholesterol?


What is the healthiest thing to do about our cholesterol levels?  The answer will stun you and probably make you angry....it did me.


This work has been years in the making, but I am not going to charge you lots of money for it.  For less than you spent the last time you ate at a fast food restaurant For FREE I will send you your copy of Top Secret Report: A Guide to Surviving Modern Life in a series of emails.  You will be able to read one or two busted myths per day.  In the final installment you will receive a link to the complete Ebook version of all the chapters so you can download it all in one file.


I am planning to turn this into a much bigger project in the near future but the information is so important to making and keeping you healthy, I just can't keep it secret any longer.  When it is expanded it will sell for a price more in line with the years and the amount of work that went into it.


Right now I just do not want the responsibility of keeping vital quality of life, or even possibly life-saving information from anyone who is suffering from not knowing what I have learned.


If I can help someone live better, healthier, smarter, stay younger longer or in some instances just keep living another few years, I have done my job. 


If you read the Top Secret Report:A Guide to Surviving Modern Life  and see results in your own life let me know.  Send me your testimony.   I will pick the top five most awesome life changing testimonies and those will be put on this page for others to read.  I have removed the payment buttons on this page for now...until I have your responses to the content.  Then I will reactivate the payment buttons and make this a pay report.


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